Thank you for your interest in improving Hays County transportation safety and mobility. Contact information is provided below should you have comments or questions.
Hays County and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) are considering modifications to the I-35 and Posey Road Intersection. The purpose of this proposed project is to enhance safety and mobility.

Changes May Include

  • I-35 and Posey Road Intersection – Removing the existing Posey Road Bridge and reconstructing I-35 over Posey Road.
  • Six ramp reversals – Changing entrance ramps to exit ramps and exit ramps to entrance ramps. Locations include Centerpoint Road, Posey Road, and FM 1102 (York Creek Road).
  • Modifications to the elevation of one ramp at Posey Road.
  • Conversion of two-way frontage roads – At the start of construction, frontage roads would become one-way south of Posey Road for approximately two miles to York Creek Road (roads north of Posey Road are currently one-way).
  • A median-divided I-35.

Project Schedule

  • Mid-2013 – Project started
  • April 2014 – Public open house
  • Mid-2014 – Project revised to include additional work
  • January 2015 – Public open house
  • 2015 – Development of updated project schematic and environmental documentation
  • Summer 2017 -– Environmental decision
  • Spring 2018 – Anticipated start of construction
  • Public involvement ongoing throughout project


  • Construction is anticipated to last 18 months.
  • Access to cross I-35 at Posey Road will be closed for a majority of the construction.
  • Traffic would be detoured to York Creek Road or Centerpoint Road during construction.


  • This project is part of the Hays County-TxDOT Partnership Program aimed at moving projects forward through partnerships and shared costs (County funds the environmental study, design, utilities, and right-of-way; TxDOT funds construction).
  • Estimated construction cost is $26 million.

Public Input
The County and TxDOT want to work very closely with the community on this project. Periodic updates will be sent via email, comments and questions are welcome at any time and public meetings will be held.

January 13, 2015 Open House Meeting Materials

Summary and Analysis
Comments and Responses
Fact Sheet
Project Exhibits
Preliminary Schematic
Preliminary Detour Map
Typical Sections
Meeting Notice

*While comments and question are welcome at any time, they must be received or postmarked by Monday, January 26, 2015 for inclusion in the Open House Record using one of the
following methods:

  • Complete a written comment card or make a verbal comment to a court reporter at the meeting
  • Submit your written comments by January 26, 2015

Mail: P.O. Box 5459, Austin, TX 78763
Fax: 512-533-9101

April 15, 2014 Open House Meeting Materials
Environmental Constraints Map
Project Information Boards
April 2014 Open House

Email Updates
If you are interested in receiving email updates on the project, please send an email to with ‘Posey Updates’ in the subject line. Your personal information will be used solely for purposes of communicating information about this or related transportation projects.

For Project Information
Public Information Consultant
512-533-9100 Ext. 104

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