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Point of Distribution Drill Set for Hays High School Parking Lot August 1

-July 2017+


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Posted by Laureen Chernow Monday, July 31, 2017 5:04:00 PM Categories: Press Releases

Point of Distribution Drill Set for Hays High School Parking Lot August 1

The Hays County Office of Emergency Services and Local Health Department will hold a Point of Distribution Drill at Hays High School parking lot Tuesday morning, August 1. Multiple emergency vehicles and personnel will be on site from about 7:30 a.m. to Noon.

Hays County OES & Local Health, along with numerous other agencies and volunteers, hold this type of drill to practice emergency distribution of relief items (food, clothing, water, etc.), vaccinations and medication, as well as assessment of the public’s health needs, that would be necessary in a public health emergency.

Participating agencies and volunteers will triage the drive-through volunteers to determine whether they needed to be sent on to a hospital or given medication (in this case, a packet of candy) and log the results as each goes through various check points.

Thanks to Hays CISD for the use of the Hays High School parking lot at 4800 Jack C. Hays Trail (FM 2770). Note that students and faculty are not part of this drill.