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Permits/Fees Waived for Damaged Property, Commissioners Court Authorizes Reappraisals for Damaged Properties

-November 2015+


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Posted by Laureen Chernow Tuesday, November 10, 2015 5:05:00 PM Categories: Press Releases

Hays County Eases Permit Process, Fees for October 30-31 Flood/Storm Survivors, Authorizes Reappraisals for Damaged Properties

Hays County Courthouse, San Marcos, TX – The Hays County Commissioners Court has authorized County Development Services staff to streamline the application process for survivors of the October 30-31 storms and flood as they seek to rebuild their lives.

In addition, debris from the October storms and floods can be dropped off at either of the two County solid waste/recycling centers at no cost. Fees will be waived only for disaster-related debris.

County staff was authorized to waive Hays County Development fees, and applicants will not be required to submit proof that property taxes have been paid, as normally required in the application process. If the affected property parcel is not compliant with the County Development Regulations it will not have to be brought into compliance in order to obtain the permit.

In the event substantial damage occurred to structures on the property, citizens will have to go through a more in-depth permit process but under the requirements adopted by Commissioners Court on November 10.

Anyone with questions about obtaining permits for rebuilding is asked to contact the Hays County Development Services Department at 512-393-2150 or permits@co.hays.tx.us.

Also on November 10 the Commissioners Court officially requested the Hays Central Appraisal District (HCAD) to reappraise homes damaged by the October 30-31 storms and floods to help lessen the tax burden on victims who pay County taxes. The HCAD has the authority to automatically reappraise those homes if a taxing entity, such as the County, City, School District, Emergency Services District, etc., requests it for its own taxing purposes.

The reappraisal will apply to homes on the official damaged list that the County will supply to the HCAD. Homeowners do not need to request the reappraisal; it is automatic. However, each taxing entity must request the reappraisal from the HCAD to have it apply to its tax roll. For instance, if a school district does not request the reappraisal, a home’s appraised value in that school district would not change for the school district’s taxation.

Tax rates will be not be affected, only the appraised value of damaged homes.

If you are not living at the property that is reappraised, please make sure the HCAD has your correct, current address as soon as possible so that the reappraisal information reaches you. Please send via email to info@hayscad.com, by mail to Hays Central Appraisal District, 21001 N. I-35, Kyle, TX 78640 or fax to 512-268-1945.

Property owners in the County or within any city limit except San Marcos who have not already advised the County that they had damage from the October 30-31 event are encouraged to send their information to floodstormdamage@co.hays.tx.us and should include

Address of damaged property and owner’s name

Type of damage

Depth of any water in building(s)

Property damage within the City of San Marcos limits should be reported to flooddamage@sanmarcostx.gov.