Important Information for Hays County Job Applicants

Our Hays County Job Application site is currently being revised. But, we want your application and appreciate your consideration of Hays County as a career option! So, just click here to see our job postings on the Work in Texas (Texas Workforce Commission) site. You don’t have to be logged in to TWC to view our posts.

Where TWC asks you to Enter Text, type in:    Hays County

At the Job Posting Source dropdown, choose the first one: Job Postings Only

Then click on the Search button just below to the right. That will show you all our open positions. Most of the Hays County jobs will be on the first page.

Take a look at the open positions, and select any that interest you to learn more about each position and to find out if you qualify.

Make a note of the Employer Posting Number and the Job Title of the positions you want to apply for. 

How to get a Hays County employment application:

1. Pre-printed forms at the Hays County Human Resources Department OR
2. Request PDF forms via email from, print the application, fill out and return.

You may submit your application documents in any of the following ways:
Hand-deliver to 712 South Stagecoach Trail, Suite 1063, San Marcos, TX 78666 during regular business hours OR Fax: 512-393-2227 OR attach and email to

Return the application along with other required documents as noted in the job description.

Hint: If you think you might apply for more than one position, when you fill out your application, leave off the Employer Posting Number and your signature/date and make several copies. Then, fill in the Employer Posting Number, sign and date an application copy for each position. We cannot accept applications that include more than one Employer Posting Number, so you must turn in a separate application for each position.