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Kyle, San Marcos & Hays County Work Toward Regional Goals

-February 2016+


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Posted by Laureen Chernow Tuesday, February 2, 2016 8:23:00 PM Categories: Press Releases

Kyle, San Marcos & Hays County Work Toward Regional Goals


City of Kyle, City of San Marcos and Hays County leaders met on Monday to discuss regional cooperation on the development in the northwest corner of I-35 and Yarrington Road.

The area, which is a gateway to both Kyle and San Marcos, has been a topic of discussion in both cities as the City of Kyle works to rezone a section of the area within their city’s jurisdiction for future development.

Each entity recognizes the need to work together to grow the regional economy and to showcase the crossroads of the communities.

“I’m pleased we had the opportunity to meet and share our visions for the future of our communities,” said Todd Webster, Mayor of Kyle. “The benefits of regional cooperation were evident in our discussion and we look forward to further conversations that will help us reach our respective and regional goals.”

The City of San Marcos has invested heavily in the area of I-35 and Yarrington Road in the form of a Public Improvement District, Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone and a Municipal Utility District for high quality residential development and has plans in place for a significant amount of high quality commercial and employment growth. San Marcos leaders now hope to reach a regional consensus on plans for the area that reflects their investment in the area.

“The cities of Kyle, San Marcos and Hays County have worked together successfully on many joint projects in the past, and we believe we can work together now to create a regional node that provides benefits to each community and a gateway that is a true representation of our cities,” Mayor of San Marcos Daniel Guerrero said.

The City of Kyle is also investing $7 million to extend utilities to that area. It also approved the I-35 Development Overlay which would ensure consistency and compliance with the terms of the overlay district. Examples includes building height and location, exterior details like cladding and materials, landscaping, signage, and site amenities like lighting and parking of any development at that site.

Hays County has also invested in the area, contributing more than $12 million in partnership with TxDOT on the Yarrington Bridge Overpass. There are also plans to invest more in the area with the proposed realignment of FM 150, a multi-million dollar project that includes a $3 million contribution from the City of Kyle, and a partnership between the Hays County and City of San Marcos on the 110 Loop which will connect IH-35 at McCarty Road on the south side of San Marcos to IH-35 at Yarrington Road north of San Marcos.

Following a briefing later in the day, Hays County Precinct 1 Commissioner Debbie Ingalsbe said, “When it comes to economic development and job growth jurisdictional lines often disappear, what’s good for one city often benefits neighboring cities and counties. We are committed to finding solutions that do just that for our communities and the people who live and work in them.”

The three entities have not yet reached any formal agreement, but do plan to meet again in the near future to further discuss the Kyle zoning issue.

“We want to work together with property owners to ensure that their rights are retained while we hope to find the highest and best uses for property in that area,” Precinct 4 Commissioner Ray Whisenant said.

The entities also reaffirmed their commitment to work toward more regional planning and economic development that facilitates quality growth and development and benefits all of the communities.

“This first meeting set the groundwork for many more productive talks, not only on this specific issue, but also on other partnership opportunities among Kyle, San Marcos and Hays County as well as with our neighboring communities,” Guerrero said.