Don’t fall victim to Jury scams. No official – Jury Coordinator, Judge, Clerk, Administrator, etc. -- from Hays County will ever call you or email you for information such as your name, social security number or date of birth. If you receive such a call or email, it is an attempt to steal your identity. Report such attempts to the District Clerk’s office at 512-393-7660 or

If you have Jury Duty, please report to the Hays County Government Center, 712 S. Stagecoach Trail, San Marcos, TX 78666, unless otherwise directed by a Justice official.

To get to the Government Center at 712 South Stagecoach Trail:

From IH-35: Take Exit 202/Wonder World Drive/RR 12 on the south side of San Marcos and turn west. Go over the railroad track overpass and at the bottom make an immediate right (north) on South Stagecoach Trail.

From Hunter Road/FM 2439: Turn east on Wonder World Drive/RR 12 toward I-35. Turn left (north) on South Stagecoach Trail at the bottom of the railroad overpass.


Jury Process

If you receive a jury summons and have a conflict you are allowed to request deferment to another day. You may call the District Clerk's office and request to be deferred by phone at 512.393.7660 or e-mail your request to . You are only allowed one deferment per summons so be sure to select a date on which you are certain to appear. When requesting a deferment online please list the following information in your e-mail:

  • Your name exactly as it appears on your summons
  • Summons number
  • Which District Court you are to appear in
  • What day and month you are summonsed to serve
  • If there is any incorrect information on your summons, please note what information needs to be corrected



 Requests for deferment must be sent by NOON on FRIDAY before you are to serve.



Jury trials may last two days to a full week. In some rare instances they will be longer and the court will let you know if that is anticipated. You must select a week in which you are certain to appear as the statutes only allow one deferment.

Jury trials are open to the public for those wishing to attend and observe. 

The District Clerk maintains the calendar of jury weeks for the District Courts. The County Clerk has the calendar for the County Courts at Law. Each J.P. keeps their calendar of jury weeks for their court. You must contact the clerk of the court for whom you are summonsed. The county web page has contact information for each Justice of the Peace. The County Clerk may be reached at 512.393.7330.

Anyone who has an inability to comprehend or communicate in the English language, or has a physical or mental impairment that makes it impossible or very difficult for the person to serve on a jury may request a permanent exemption. When requesting a permanent exemption for medical reasons, a statement from your physician must accompany the Affidavit of Exemption.

Anyone over 70 years of age is eligible for permanent exemption.

The Affidavit of Exemption and all other forms are available on the District Clerk's On-Line Forms page.

 For additional information, please contact the District Clerk's Office at 512.393.7660 or by e-mail at .

The TEXAS UNIFORM JURY HANDBOOK should answer many of your questions. However, if you need other assistance you are encouraged to contact the District Clerk’s office by e-mail at regarding your jury service no matter what court has sent you a summons. We will be glad to answer your questions regarding jury duty.

Day Date Time
Monday October 20, 2014 8:30 a.m.
Monday October 27, 2014 8:30 a.m.
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