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Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Representation Letter

Posted by Laureen Chernow Friday, August 12, 2016 3:57:00 PM Categories: Public Notices


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Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Representation Letter


To Whom It May Concern:

     Hays County, Texas (the “Issuer”) has retained an independent registered municipal advisor. The Issuer is represented by and will rely on the advice of its municipal advisor, Specialized Public Finance, Inc., concerning the issuance of municipal securities. The individual with primary responsibility for advising the Issuer on such matters is Dan Wegmiller, whose contact information is shown below. Please include him on any distribution of information.

     The Issuer intends that by publicly posting this written disclosure, market participants  may  use it for the purposes of qualifying for the independent registered municipal advisor (IRMA) exemption afforded by SEC Rule 15Ba1-1(d)(3)(vi) as it relates to the Municipal Advisor Rule. The Issuer makes no representation as to the sufficiency of this notice or whether a market participant is in compliance with the SEC Municipal Advisor Rule by receipt of this document.

      This letter remains in effect until it is withdrawn or amended by the Issuer.



Bill Herzog                                                                       Municipal Advisor Contact:

Hays County Auditor                                                     Dan Wegmiller

                                                                                        Managing Director

                                                                                          Specialized Public Finance Inc.

                                                                                          248 Addie Roy Rd., Suite B-103

                                                                                          Austin, Texas 78746

                                                                                          (512) 275-7302 office