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Edna Chagolla
Hot Check Coordinator





 The Hays County District Attorney’s Hot Check Division is a place for merchants and citizens to report those who write worthless checks.  This Division is one of the few divisions at the District attorney’s Office that is able to take reports of criminal conduct directly from the victim of the crime. Our first priority is to collect restitution for the merchant and citizens that file checks with our office.  We can also use the criminal court system to see that restitution is paid on the checks; check writers are identified and punished.

Important Information for Merchants:

  1. Our services are free to merchants
  2. We collect $30.00 Merchant Fee
  3. We accept checks passed in Hays County
  4. Statute of limitations on checks is 2 years
  5. Without a driver’s license number, a warrant CANNOT be issued

We hope this web site proves to be helpful to you. If, you have further questions, or have comments, please call us at 512-393-7600 extension 7601.

Hays County District Attorney Hot Check Divison
Hays Government Center, Suite 2057
712 S. Stagecoach Trail
San Marcos, Texas 78666

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