Hays County, City of San Marcos Deactivate Emergency Operations Center; Remind Residents to Be Alert to Changing Weather


Hays County Emergency Management Coordinator Kharley Smith and City of San Marcos Interim Emergency Management Coordinator Gib Watt announced this morning that the joint Emergency Operations Center is being deactivated and normal response operations will resume.

“We’ve had minimal need for response overnight – mostly to report power outages and downed trees – and can resume our normal operations out of our respective offices,” Smith said. “Once again the countywide jurisdictions and first responder organizations have come together to respond quickly and efficiently to what could have been a much worse weather situation for us.”

Watt reminded residents to stay alert to changing weather patterns and the possibility of additional rain. “We still have roads closed and there’s still a possibility of additional rain,” he said. “Please drive carefully and continue to monitor the weather.”

Countywide emergency information is posted at www.HaysInformed.com. Sign up for emergency notifications at www.warncentraltexas.org. Watches, warnings, and location-specific evacuation information can be sent to your cell phone via voice, text and email.

Monitor the weather on local media or the National Weather Service Austin/San Antonio office http://www.weather.gov/ewx/

Follow the City of San Marcos and Hays County’s social media and websites: City of San Marcos emergency information will be posted at www.facebook.com/CityofSanMarcos and www.twitter.com/CityofSanMarcos; and Hays County’s at www.facebook.com/hayscountytexas and www.twitter.com/HaysCountygov.

Monitor the City’s websites and radio: www.sanmarcostx.gov for the latest news and updates; and www.sanmarcostx.gov/smtxfloods for rumor control, flood preparation info, and detailed information about shelters and recovery. Monitor the City’s emergency radio station at 103.1 FM.

Prepare ahead of time: Disaster preparation tips and information are available at https://ready.gov/floods

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