Assistance Organizations for Hays County Flood Victims

The organizations listed below attended the November 5, 2013, disaster resource event at Barton Middle School and have offered their services to Hays County flood victims. If you were unable to attend that event, please contact any agency that you feel can assist you in recovering from the flood based on your individual needs.

American Red Cross: Contact Terry Faglie, 1-800-928-4271,
- Provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and education to affected victims.

Barnabas Connection: Contact Harold Tannahill, 512-847-1664,
- A Wimberley United Methodist Church outreach organization that offers referrals to resources that can assist with a variety of issues.

Hays County Food Bank: Contact Jim Wagner, 512-392-8300x222,
- Provides food to residents in need in the greater Hays County area.

WIC (Women, Infants & Children): Contact Amanda Yazbek, 512-268-0003, email (countywide service).
- Provides supplemental nutritious foods, education, counseling, screening and referrals to other health welfare and social services. Primarily targeting Women, Infants and Children.

Salvation Army: Contact Kathy McNiel, 512-754-8541,
- Provides meals, temporary lodging and disaster relief to victims.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension: Contact Richard Parrish, 512-393-2120,
- Provides education and information for Disaster Preparation/Recovery of crops, livestock and structures.

United Methodist Church Disaster Services: Contact Eugene Hileman, 210-557-8698, email
- Provides disaster relief to affected victims, including response specialist and relief materials.

Wimberley Intercommunity Network: Contact Cookie Hagemeier,
- Provides assistance and connections to local organizations for services that citizens may require.

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