Hays County



***The mandadory eFiling date for Criminal Cases in Hays County is July 1, 2018***


eFiling is now available.  Electronic filing enables filers to submit civil and criminal case documents via the Internet without printing, Once a document is eFiled, the District Clerk staff will access the document through the eFiling for Courts system. The District Clerk’s Office is able to process electronic filings any time throughout the day, which helps avert the end-of-day rush that often occurs. Regardless of when the District Clerk’s Office accepts the document, the time and date stamp on the document will reflect when the filer clicked the submit button.

On December 11, 2012, the Texas Supreme Court mandated electronic filing in civil cases in district courts, statutory county courts, constitutional county courts and statutory probate courts on a graduated schedule from January 2014 through July 2016. 

Click the eFile.TXCourts.gov link to learn all you need to know about eFiling.




Fax Filing

Complete the "Fax Transmittal Form" and submit with your document or request to the Hays County District Clerk at (512) 393-7674. Be sure to print legibly all information required on the form. Upon receipt of an electronically transmitted document, the Clerk will verify the completeness of the transmission.

Once satisfied that the transmission is complete, the clerk will confirm the credit card authorization and note the authorization code on the cost receipt. Thereafter, the documents tendered electronically shall be deemed accepted for filing and the clerk shall affix the clerk's official date and time file stamp to the document.

After filing an electronically transmitted document, the clerk will electronically transmit to the sender an acknowledgment of the filing, together with a payment receipt and a file marked copy of the first page of the document/pleading. DO NOT MAIL THE ORIGINAL TO THE CLERK FOR FILING. You must maintain the original in your files in accordance with Rule 45(d) T.R.C.P. and the "Fax Filing Plan" approved by the Supreme Court.

If the transmission is found to be incomplete or required court costs or fees are not paid, the clerk will notify the sender as soon as practicable that the document has not been filed and the reason.

The date and time of receipt will be automatically imprinted on each page of every transmitted document. The date and time imprinted on the last page of a document will determine the time of receipt, but not the time of filing. Accepted documents transmitted during normal business hours will be filed on the day of receipt. Transmissions completed after 5:00 p.m., on weekends, or on holidays will be verified and filed before 10:00 a.m. on the first business day following the receipt of transmission. It shall be the responsibility of the sender to be aware of business hours and transmit within these guidelines to meet filing deadlines.