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Debris Removal Deadline Update

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Posted by Laureen Chernow Friday, July 10, 2015 3:08:00 PM Categories: Press Releases


Hays County Sets Debris Removal Deadline, Applies for ‘Private Property’ Debris Removal Program


Hays County Courthouse, San Marcos, TX – Today, officials from Hays County, the City of Wimberley and the City of San Marcos  encouraged residents who have debris from the flood and storms from Memorial Day weekend to move their debris to the curb or right-of-way by August 2 to have it picked up. The debris work crews plan to take a break between July 26 and August 2 to prepare for a final push on the right-of-way program.

As of July 8, debris removal contractor TFR Enterprises, Inc., under monitoring by Tetra Tech, Inc., has removed more than 25,910 cubic yards of construction and demolition debris from the curbs and right of way from affected homes and from public property areas such as parks and roads and more than 8,705 cubic yards of vegetative debris. Hays County’s Transportation Department, which was on the scene initially to remove debris and re-open roads, removed more than 12,000 tons of non-vegetative debris in the week following the storms and flood.

“We believe that the majority of residents affected by the flood will have had an opportunity to move debris from their private properties to public right-of-way by August 2, after which our crews will do a final pickup,” Mark Kennedy, General Counsel for Hays County, said.

Kennedy added that the County is applying for a separate Private Property Debris Removal (PPDR) program through FEMA that would allow County contractors to remove debris that qualifies as a public health and safety hazard from private property of residents who have no other means of removing it.

“If approved,” Kennedy said, “this program will allow the County’s contractors to go onto pre-approved properties where there remains a public health and safety hazard due to certain types of debris. If the PPDR program is approved, the County will set up a special application process for private property owners who want this service, since each property will need to be qualified as eligible by FEMA and the County will need to secure the owner’s written approval.”

Kennedy said that he expects to hear from FEMA within the next two weeks if the program will be approved for Hays County.