Hays County Commissioners Court Authorizes 2 Bond Proposals for November Election

Hays County Courthouse, San Marcos, TX – On Tuesday the Hays County Commissioners Court authorized two bond proposals for the November 8 general election, citing a need for road improvements to keep up with growth, and expansion and replacement of failing public safety facilities. The 5-0 vote came after the County’s financial advisor, Dan Wegmiller of Specialized Public Finance, Inc. and County Auditor Bill Herzog, CPA, presented a workshop that showed the County could issue as much as $250 million in bonds without increasing the tax rate while maintaining the County’s excellent AA Bond Rating. See the workshop discussion here.

The Court ultimately decided to request voters consider Proposition No. 1 for $106.4 million which would provide an expanded and updated jail that will meet state jail standards, a combined 9-1-1 Dispatch Center that will serve most jurisdictions in the County, and a law enforcement and emergency operations center that will meet current and future needs.

Proposition No. 2 will ask for $131.4 million to maintain, expand or upgrade specific roadways in Hays County as well as low water crossings, and to fund right-of-way acquisition for anticipated future roadways, environmental mitigation and conservation, pedestrian walkways and bicycle transportation improvements, and other transportation-related issues. In addition to planning specific projects, the Commissioners Court has indicated that use of bond monies would not include improvement of the following roadways except for shoulder improvements, turn lanes, environmental mitigation and conservation, pedestrian walkways and bicycle transportation improvements: FM150 from Arroyo Ranch Road to RM12, RM12 from Old Ranch Road 12 to FM150, FM3237 from RM12 to FM150, FM2325 from RM12 to the county line, and RM32 from RM12 to the county line.

Details about the bond proposals are available on the County’s website, www.co.hays.tx.us. Click on the Bond Referendum Information box.


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