Will Conley was elected Hays County Commissioner in 2004, serving the residents of greater San Marcos and the Wimberley Valley. Since his election, Commissioner Conley gained a reputation for achieving forward-thinking solutions for Hays County. As one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, Commissioner Conley pursued a bold agenda to improve Hays County roads and public safety, protect water quality and natural resources, streamline county government, and develop a long-term plan for future growth.

As chairman of the Capital Area Regional Transportation Planning Organization, Commissioner Conley represents Hays County’s interests on a regional level, working for long-term solutions to Central Texas’ growing transportation needs. In the past four years, Commissioner Conley’s ambitious work in Hays County made historic safety improvements to local roadways, constructed new bypasses and overpasses, and established transportation plans to prevent future traffic congestion. Commissioner Conley is also a board member of the Austin-San Antonio Intermunicipal Commuter Rail District and Capital Area Council of Governments, working to make Hays County an integral part of Central Texas’ exciting future.

In addition, Commissioner Conley secured $3 million to create the Jacob’s Well Land Trust to preserve and protect the Wimberley Valley’s treasured water source. Commissioner Conley also allocated $2 million to develop the Blue Hole Regional Park and was instrumental in the joint effort with the city of San Marcos and Texas State University to preserve Spring Lake/Aquarena Springs in the heart of the city.

In addition, Commissioner Conley fought for a much-needed pay raise for Hays County law enforcement officers and sponsored the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program to give officers the safety equipment they deserve. By eliminating wasteful spending and securing millions of dollars in outside grants, Commissioner Conley has been able to provide better services to Hays County residents while lessening the tax burden on homeowners.

In fact, Commissioner Conley has never voted to raise tax rates and fought to double the homestead exemption for senior citizens and create an exemption for disabled citizens. Commissioner Conley is currently working on increasing the homestead exemption for all Hays County homeowners.

By improving Hays County roads and public safety, protecting water quality, enhancing area parkland, making long-term plans for growth, and providing tax relief to homeowners, Commissioner Conley is protecting Hays County’s quality of life for the long-term. This vision for the future is making Hays County a shining star in Central Texas.

On a personal level, Commissioner Conley genuinely cares about his community, his constituents and his commitment to his conservative values. The level of professionalism he has instilled in his office is demonstrated daily. He has proven that success and accountability can be achieved in very a humble environment.

A small businessman, Commissioner Conley is president of Conley Enterprises, an auto services company in San Marcos, Texas. He and his wife, Erin, reside in Wimberley, Texas, with their daughter Eve and son Abram.

Organizations and Boards
  • CAPCOG (Capital Area Council of Governments) - Past Chairman
  • CARTPO (Capital Area Regional Transportation Planning Organization – Chairman
  • Lone Star Rail District – Board of Directors
  • CAMPO (Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization) - Chairman
  • Greater San Marcos Partnership – Economic Development Board – Chairman
  • Region L Regional Water Board – Board of Directors
  • Austin Community College – Center for Public Policy and Political Science –
Board of Directors
  • Texas State Rivers Center Master Planning Committee -  Past Member
  • Hays County Food Bank Board Member
  • Hays County Financial Committee Member
  • Master Planning Committee Blue Hole Park in Wimberley – Past Member
  • Texas Juvenile Probation Commission – Past Board Member
  • Pioneer Bank Advisory Board – Board Member
  • Jacobs Well Master Planning Stakeholder Committee – Past Member
  • Hays County Criminal Justice Committee - Chairman
  • San Marcos Chamber of Commerce
  • San Marcos Hispanic Chamber of Commerce – Past Member
  • Wimberley Chamber of Commerce
  • Crime Stoppers Board of Directors  - Past Member
  • Rotary Club
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Texas State University Alumni Association
  • National Federation of Independent Business
  • National Rifle Association